and I want to guarantee my rent, whether my tenant paysor not.

I am a homeowner

Creating equation to open new doors

By tokenising your contract and converting it into a guaranteed NFT, you will enter a new world of possibilities.


The collection of your rent, whether your tenant pays or not. Now your contract is guaranteed.


Access to your rent income without waiting for the end of the month, being able to claim it proportionally, on a daily or weekly basis. Your contract is now efficient.


Your Nash21 NFT as a means of payment, to apply for a loan or whatever you prefer. Your contract is now smart.


Your NFT on our marketplace in order to get a cash advance of your contract. Your contract is now liquid.

Guarantee Nash21

All the qualities of mathematics focused on securing your rent.

Assign my rent
I send my NFT for the flat in Madrid to my daughter who lives in Australia so that she can get paid the rent directly.