guarantee fluid income

What if you could receive your rental income by the day or by the hour?

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With Guaranteed Fluid Income, you collect your rent whenever you want! No more waiting for the 5th of the month; now, receive your payments weekly, daily, hourly... all at no cost to you.
And if your tenant doesn't pay the rent, you still get paid!
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What are the benefits?

Rent collection
by day/hour...

You choose when you want to receive your rent: weekly, daily, by hour...

Guaranteed Rent

Forget about chasing payments, you receive your rent even if your tenant doesn't pay.

Legal expenses and
payments covered

In case of non-payment, we cover the management and legal expenses without limit. We also provide coverage of up to €3,000 for possible intentional acts..


You receive your rent even if the apartment remains empty.

Rental contract

We generate the rental contract and send it to your tenant for their signature, if you prefer.


Full access to a unique platform, developed with the latest market technology.

What is the duration of the service?

Guaranteed Fluid Income has a duration of one year from the confirmation of the application, automatically renewable annually unless otherwise stated.

Who bears the cost of this service?

We've developed a new formula where the tenant bears the cost of the rental guarantee while generating financial returns. In this way, the tenant hires Nashval, and the landlord obtains the Guaranteed Fluid Income  service at no cost. Both parties benefit from a single contracting!

How do I request the service?

Once the application is approved, the tenant will be informed that the monthly rent payment should be made to a bank account provided by Nash21 or directly through our platform. It does not cost anything for them, and furthermore, they can benefit from paying on time by receiving a 2% cashback.

Who pays me the rents?

Once you contract the service, we take care of paying the rent instantly whenever you want. Nash21 acts as an intermediary between the owner and the tenant, who, from the moment of contracting, must pay the rent for their rental to Nash21's account.
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