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Are you looking for an apartment for rent?
Become the best option for the homeowner with Nashval, the new formula to obtain a rental guarantee that will help you access the apartment you desire while generating yields.

How does it work?

The tenant undergoes an analysis by Nash21. If approved, he will be granted with a rental guarantee.
Once he obtains his guarantee, he will present it to the owner to ensure the payment of rents.

The owner receives the Guaranteed Fluid Income  service at no cost while the tenant generates returns.



per year*

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Advantages of Nashval

The only guarantee in the market that generates yields while you rent
Only essential documentation
Suitable for foreigners, digital nomads, or anyone with income or solvency outside of Spain
Apropriate for students
Rent Fluid Income included without cost for your owner
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What is the validity period of my Nashval?

The validity of your Nashval corresponds to the total duration of the rental contract.

Do I need to have a chosen apartment to acquire Nashval?

Yes, to complete the Nashval, you need to have selected your apartment because the amount to provide will be based on the monthly rent amount you will pay. If you are still in the process of finding an apartment, you can initiate the request with an estimated monthly rent amount you are willing to pay, and when you have found the apartment, you can provide the relevant information for that property.

If I'm a tenant and I contract Nashval, what does the owner need to do?

We will only require the name and contact information of the property owner you will be renting from because it is necessary to generate the guarantee certificate. We will not request any additional payments from the owner.

How many months of rent are required to generate Nashval?

The amount to be provided will be equivalent to a specific number of months' rent. This varies based on the type of property the tenant is renting and their income type.

When can I withdraw the returns?

Tenants can obtain the associated yields annually. There will be a counter on the platform where you can see the returns being generated and the date when they will be unlocked.

If I'm a tenant but don't have the necessary months to provide and obtain my Nashval, what can I do?

A third party can initiate the request and provide the equivalent amount. The  certificate will be in the name of the individual who will be the tenant of the property, and the returns associated with the process will belong to the third party involved.
* The amount to be provided will depend on the type of rental and may range between 1 and 5 monthly payments; this amount will be returned at the end of the service along with the generated return.
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